Welcome back (I know you didn’t miss me….)

If there’s a cardinal sin of blogging and social media, it’s assuming that you publish content on a schedule convenient to you, ignoring the needs and utility of timely publishing for your readers.

Therefore, not only have readers of this blog NOT missed me, there’s a fair certainty you’ve moved on and won’t ever see this post.  Bummer for me; that’s life for you.

For the last year I’ve been toiling as the Interim CEO of a small software and services company.  This was a great experience for me (and for the company as well, I hope!)  But after a national search, a new, permanent CEO is in place.  I will be spending a bit of time helping in the transition, but life is now getting back to what passes for normal around here.

I hope to provide some posts here covering what I learned during my year-long engagement, both the right steps and wrong steps I took.  But forgive me if I take a bit of time to put it in perspective; I’d rather do that then just regurgitate events.  Anyway, I look forward to doing more writing again and I hope that you will enjoy having me back!

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