Quick Update: Flipboard Mags Adds Contributors

In another update of the Flipboard client software, the ability to have multiple contributors to personally published magazines has been


added.  With the new software, you will see a link to “Invite Contributors” on the magazine’s home page:

Selecting the link will generate an email with a link in it for the contributor to accept the invitation.

If you should decide to remove a contributor at a later date, from the magazine’s home page, select “Edit” and you can easily remove the contributor.

This adds both a social element and the important ability to collaborate on a magazine.  It is impressive what Flipboard has been able to ramp up with Magazines in the space of just a couple of months since they debuted.


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  1. A fairly new feature on Flipboard is that you can add other contributors to your magazine, meaning you can co-create a magazine with several people. Quite handy if you’re part of a bigger team that wants to use Flipboard. Just tap or click the ‘Invite contributors’ button which will open your email app and let you send an email to people you want to contribute to your magazine.

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