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Android 4.2: A Major “Minor” update….

I am a daily user of the current versions of iOS (on an iPad) and Android (on a Nexus 7 tablet.) The newest version of Android, the 4.2 update to Android Jelly Bean, has been described as a “minor” update … Continue reading

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More on “Metropolis”

“Metropolis” has been one of my favorite films since I first saw it in college. ┬áSo I was very excited when a near-complete print was discovered a few years ago in South America and a restored version with 20+ minutes … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury & June in Seattle

When I was in junior high, Ray Bradbury was one of my favorite authors. ┬áMore than any of the other science fiction authors I was reading then, he created worlds that were equal parts challenging concepts and vividly alive with … Continue reading

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