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About the Lviv! Flipboard Magazine

This fall my wife and I will make our fifth trip to Lviv together.  As we prepare for that trip, I decided to collect ideas for things to do and happenings in Lviv: both to remind us of good times … Continue reading

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“Waiting Out” EHR… Five Ways You’ll Suffer

A recent report from Deloitte covering EHR adoption by physicians put the number of physicians currently without an EHR at about 1/3, with about 1/2 of those with no current plans for implementing an EHR. The smaller the practice, the … Continue reading

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Flipboard Magazines: Update

UPDATED AGAIN (5/9/2013): This morning Flipboard released an upgrade to its Android  app, adding magazine creation and interesting new sharing options, including sharing photos from  your phone/tablet Gallery.  Flipboard also announced the availability of a web-based Editor ( which allows … Continue reading

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Flipboard Magazines: Self-Publishing or Content Composting?

Are you a Flipboard user on your iPad or other tablet? Flipboard on this past Wednesday added the capability for individual users to make their own “magazines” which they can share with others.   In other words, you can compile … Continue reading

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Beyond Boring

Sore feet, aggressive sales people, and bad PowerPoint presentations are familiar hazards to anyone who attends major conferences like the recent HIMSS meeting in New Orleans.  Comfortable shoes and focused and strategic navigation of the vendor exhibits are two keys … Continue reading

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It IS What You Do AND The Way That You Do It!

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So, Why Not Encrypt?

My last blog post predicted that 2013 will be the year of the healthcare data breach.   I detailed that the majority of medical data breached was lost through portable media or laptop computers.  Usually this means the theft or … Continue reading

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It’s 2013, Do You Know Where Your Medical Records Are?

Here’s a prediction for you: 2013 will be the Year of the Healthcare Data Breach.  Just like 2012, 2011, and 2010.  Yeah, I’m not going out a limb on this one. An impressive migration from paper to electronic health records … Continue reading

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Missing the Point: The “Post-PC Era”

With the surge in tablet and smartphone sales, we have been told that we’re in the “Post-PC Era.” On its face that sounds reasonable, given the iPads, Kindles, and Nexus tablets that most assuredly are cutting into the sales of … Continue reading

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The Snowman

The Winter of 2001 was the most difficult period of my family’s life. A lot of what follows is pretty grim, but trust me and hang in there – I do get to the snowman. In May 2000, on my … Continue reading

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